Taking a Holistic Approach to Community Health

The Mino Bimaadsawin Community Health Representatives role is to support the health of community members in Saugeen in regards to culture, health and wellness.

The Community Health Representative has a variety of responsibilities and takes a holistic approach the health & wellbeing of the community.  This can involve:

  • The promotion & prevention of diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Hiv/Aids awareness
  • Housing related health issues such as well as environmental impact issues
  • Working with the EHO for water, animal bites, septic systems
  • Works closely with the community health nurse and other departments for programming.
  • We also work to support traditional & culture activities, assist to bring in healers and knowledge keepers, and support keepers of medicine through making of salves to give to community members.

Key Accomplishments

  • The Good Food Boxes program which results in the delivery of 65-115 boxes per month; half of our client list consists of diabetic clients and the numbers of members ordering the good food boxes are increasing steadily.
  • We support our community members through selling at half of the regular cost to support access to healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • We have participated in major renovations at the Mino Bimaadsawin Health Centre.
  • Supporting pet wellness to assist community members in looking after their pets with vaccinations and neutering to stop the increase of unwanted pets.

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